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Dust Collector Hose

Dust Collector Hose

Product Specs

  • Select from 4" or 2.5" in varying lengths depending on your dust collection needs
  • The hose retracts to 1/3 its full length with increased puncture resistance and superior performance. No longer will you need to deal with, or navigate around, excess hose.
  • Clear Hose Specs - PE Dust Collection Hose is manufactured from a co-polymer blend. It may be enhanced with static dissipation properties for use in hazardous environments. Static dissipation also reduces clogging when used in woodworking dust collection systems. The high degree of flexibility makes this hose very versatile as it can be routed in virtually any direction without collapsing.
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Introducing the ultimate solution for dust and debris collection - our Dust Collector Hose. With its durable construction and efficient design, this hose easily connects to any vacuum or dust collector for maximum suction. Keep your workspace clean and safe with our top-rated dust collector hose.

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