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Dust Collector Clamp

Dust Collector Clamp

Product Specs

  • Wire hose clamps are used to connect flexible hose to dust hoods, blast gates and fittings. Clamps come in a value pack of 10. Specifications: 2-1/2" Diameter, Wire Construction
  • Double Loop Squeeze Hose Clamps eliminate the need for tools to tighten and remove clamps from dust collection hose. Easy one-handed operation saves time and effort, especially for woodworkers moving hose from one machine to another. Squeeze the hose clamp to expand the diameter and place over your dust collection hose for easy connection to dust hoods, blast gates and fittings. Clamps feature double loop construction for a secure grip on spiral reinforced hose.
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This dust collector clamp is an essential tool for any woodworking or construction project. With its strong grip and secure hold, it ensures that dust and debris are efficiently collected, keeping your workspace clean and safe. Experience improved air quality and increased productivity with this convenient and reliable dust collector clamp.

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