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Dust Collector Blast Gate

Dust Collector Blast Gate

Aluminum Blast Gate

  • This blast gate design has a hole in the barrier plate the same diameter as the opening in the cast aluminum body
  • This effectively fills the small gap between the two body pieces and helps prevent dust from accumulating in the small space that can build up there if the gate is not operated very frequently.
  • The through plate also self-clears the gate every time it is opened and closed.

Aluminum Blast Gate Specs

  • 4" Specifications: Directs air flow in machine ducting, 3-7/8" OD, 3-1/2" ID, Gate position can be secured with lock knob.;
  • 2.5" Specifications: 2-1/2" OD blast gate directs air flow in machine ducting,2-7/16" OD, 2-1/8" ID

Plastic Blast Gate

  • Used in every dust collection system to control air flow from one machine to another, blast gates maximize system efficiency.
  • Plastic blast gates are economically priced, have a textured surface and an easy sliding gate action.

Plastic Blast Gate Specs

  • 4" or 2.5" Outside Diameter
  • ABS Plastic
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The Dust Collector Blast Gate is an essential tool for any dust collector system. Made with high-quality materials, it efficiently controls and directs air flow, reducing dust buildup and increasing overall efficiency. With its easy installation and reliable performance, it's the perfect addition to any workshop or industrial setting.

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