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Turners Warehouse Story and mission

Turners Warehouse was founded in 2016 by Chad Schimmel, a local artist/pen maker who had been selling his work full time since 2013. He wanted to create a place where hobbyists and small business owners could get quality supplies at great prices, with stellar customer service and education, something he had also sought.

He wanted to create a community based on learning and sharing information so that there is always advice and help for novice turners as well as fun challenge and continued learning for experienced turners and makers. This intention continues today, from his YouTube channel with instructional videos to the customer service that every one of our team provides. Each team member learns to turn as part of their work at Turners Warehouse and the team prides themselves on being friendly and knowledgeable about all things turning and resin casting  

Turners Warehouse continues to be a small, family run business with 6 team members including the owner and his wife.

Link to our about us page to see a bit about each of our team members:

Company facts
-Turners Warehouse has a small storefront in Gilbert, AZ proudly serving the local community of woodworkers, turners, jewelry makers, knifemakers and resin casters.

-Turners has online customers in all 50 states as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France and more!

-Turners has two in house brands; Top Choice- a line of blanks for makers, and Maker Select- a line of casting accessories, both made right here in the US

-Turners offer classes on ring making, wood and resin turning, finishing, and resin casting.

Charity and non-profit work

For 5 years Turners has been sponsoring an ornament challenge and charity auction, raising up to 5,000 a year for St Jude's Childrens Hospital. For more information see our contest and auction page;



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What are common things folks turn?
Common items to turn include bowls, pens, vases, handles for kitchen items such as; coffee scoops, pizza cutters, salt/pepper shakers, measuring cups and spoons, cheese knives, bottle openers, honey dippers, etc. Turners also enjoy turning projects such as key chains, razor handles, spinning tops, ornaments and seam rippers. Basically if it is something that has a handle, someone can turn it!

What other hobbyists and makers do you support?
Although our main focus is on turning we also support general woodworkers, Ring and jewelry makers, knife smiths and makers, resin casting art of all kinds including furniture makers. We even have some customers who make amazing digeridoos!