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Rikon Pro Sharpening System 82-1005, Grinding Accessories

Rikon Pro Sharpening System 82-1005, Grinding Accessories

Rikon Pro Sharpening System

  • Sharpen your woodturning tools like a PRO!
  • Used with your 6” or 8” bench grinder, this System includes the basic set-up for putting perfect, sharp edges on gouges, chisels, scrapers and other blades.
  • The 2 adjustable arms allow for easy setting of different grinding angles for your shop tools.
  • Set includes: Locking Base Assemblies (2), Long V-Arm, Short 90 degree Platform Arm, Tool Rest Platform for Short Arm, Adjustable Lever Handle and Mounting Hardware.

Skew Grinding Jig

  • Securely positions woodturning skew chisels at offset angles to a grinding wheel for precise sharpening of the tool’s double beveled cutting edge.
  • Left and Right V-shaped holders ensure that when your skew chisel is moved between the two holders to grind each bevel, the same exact angles are maintained.
  • This means you get better control of your tool when sharpening, which is critical for creating the thin cutting edge that the skew features.

Gouge Grinding Jig

  • Holds woodturning gouges for sharpening bevels at consistent, repeatable angles and shape with your bench grinder and the PRO Sharpening System.
  • Adjusts 40°, so setting bevels to grind on your tools is easy
  • Jig’s clamp firmly holds tool shafts 3/16” to 1-3/8” thick and up to 1-9/16” wide.
  • Ideal for sharpening spindle and bowl gouges, roughing gouges, and for maintaining their cutting edges – from simple bevels, to side ground variations, to the traditional fingernail shape. Works for sharpening carving tools, too!

Angle Gauge

  • Makes it easy to grind turning tools to exact skew angles using the System’s Platform tool rest.
  • Ideal for sharpening skews, diamond point scrapers and threading cutters for wood or metal turning tools.
  • Gauge has 2 angle scales of 0° to 24° (90°~ 74°) right and left.
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Get professional-level results with the Rikon Pro Sharpening System. Achieve precision and efficiency with this must-have tool for any woodworking expert.

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