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Rikon 4 Piece Turning Tool Set w/Carbide Insert Cutters

Rikon 4 Piece Turning Tool Set w/Carbide Insert Cutters

Product Specs

  • System includes a 16” long, machined aluminum Handle with an anti-vibration grip that features a unique forward chucking system
  • Three, 8-3/8” steel Shafts are supplied with either a Circle, Square or Diamond shaped carbide Insert Cutter secured to their end with a T20 screw.
  • The finely machined shafts have bottoms that are milled with a flat, and 2 side bevels for extra stability on the tool rest when turning


  • Developed for the experienced or novice wood turner, RIKON’s turning system features tungsten carbide cutters that keep their sharp cutting edges longer than typical carbon or high speed steel tools.
  • After hours and hours of use, if a cutter becomes dull, just rotate it to work with another new side of the edge. .
  • Changes only take seconds.
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Increase turning efficiency with Rikon's 4 Piece Turning Tool Set. Designed for wood turners of all levels, our tools feature durable tungsten carbide cutters that maintain sharp edges longer. Perfect for any project, these tools are a must-have for any wood turning enthusiast.

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