Stainless Steel Bottle Opener - Made in USA

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Stainless Steel Bottle Openers - Made in USA

Recommended Mandrel: Universal Mandrel with 13/16" Bushing - these use a standard 3/8 x 16 threaded insert 

Stand-up bottle opener is meant for all sizes of beer, soda, and many other bottle caps. The bottom is recessed just like standing Stainless Steel Bottle Stoppers for “no wobble” standing. Since it is made from the same 304 Stainless Steel that our Stoppers and Honey Dippers are made from it is FDA compliant for food contact. The Stand-up Bottle Opener is 13/16″ in diameter (just like our stoppers) so it can be used with our UM Mandrels with the 13/16″ Bushing.

It has a 3/8-16 thread that is 1/2” long. The thread is not removable as the entire product is machined out of one piece of stainless steel. Overall length is 1” long less the threaded stud.