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Universal Mandrel for Bottle Stoppers and most project kits - Made in USA

Universal Mandrel for Bottle Stoppers and most project kits - Made in USA

Benefits of Universal Mandrel

  • Since we brought this mandrel on board we have stopped tapping our handle blanks
  • The security of the Universal Mandrel and Threaded Insert system makes turning a breeze!
  • Any kit with 3/8 x 16 threads can be turned using this system
  • Pair with the bushings for a more precise turning experience

Universal Mandrel

  • Are precision machined in the USA.
  • Have a cutting flute in the 3/8-16 thread.
  • Match up to the 19/32″ dia. of the top of our Honey Dippers
  • wo flats for 1-1/16″ wrench for easy install/uninstall.
  • Rust protective black oxide coating.
  • Screw on/off plastic washer.
  • Run true to within 0.002″ of an inch so your work piece runs true.
  • Come with an individual clear plastic case for safe storage.
  • Available in 1" x 8 or 1.25" x 8 TPI

Project kit Bushing Pairings

  • No bushings: Rasp Grater, Vegetable Peeler, Honey Dipper, Coffee Scoop
  • 3/4" bushings: Bottle Opener
  • 13/16" bushings: Bottle Stopper, Ice Cream Scoop
  • 15/16" bushings: Pizza Cutter


  • With the use of the bushings and the Universal Mandrels you can now turn other diameters easily.
  • This bushing allows you to turn to a rough diameter of 3/4″, 13/16" or 15/16" (based on size of each Bushing set). Comes with matching washer.
  • Rust protective black oxide coating.
  • Come with matching screw on/off plastic washer.
  • Are precision machined here in the USA.
  • How to: Remove the universal plastic washer by unscrewing it Slide on the bushing of choice Screw on the matching washer
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Expertly turn bottle stoppers and project kits with the Universal Mandrel. Designed for use on lathes and with 3/8x16 threaded projects, this USA-made mandrel provides secure and effortless turning. 

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Stainless Bottle Stoppers

Stainless Bottle Stoppers is a family owned and operated business dedicated to making high quality Project Kits and Accessories here in Honesdale, PA USA. We are also known as Steer Machine Tool and Die Corp, the name of our machine shop. We have been manufacturing precision machined parts for a wide range of industries since 1968 and have been manufacturing stainless steel bottle stoppers since 2005.