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Key Chain Kits

Key Chain Kits

Product Specs

  • 7mm Drill Bit Needed for: Key Chain, Mini Pen, Cigar Cutter, Bottle Opener & Whistle Key Chain
  • 10mm Drill Bit Needed for: Secret Compartment & Whistle Compartment
  • 12mm Drill Bit Needed for: Pocket Knife
  • 3/8" Drill Bit Needed for: Bullet
  • 45/64" Forstner Bit Needed for: Lip Balm Holder
  • 8mm Drill Bit Needed for: Mini Bolt Pen
Key Chain Kit
Metal Plating
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Elevate your key chain game with our versatile key chain kits. Choose from a variety of styles to customize your collection. 

For information/instructions please go to our INFO page

Bottle Opener Key Chain - PSI
Bullet Key Chain
Cigar Punch Key Chain
Key Chain Kit
Lip Balm Key Chain Kit
Mini Key Chain Pen Kit
Mini Bolt Pen Key Chain Kit
Pocket Knife Key Chain
Secret Compartment Key Chain
Whistle Key Chain 
Whistle Secret Compartment

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