Key Chain Kits

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Key Chain Kits

Key Chain, Mini Pen, Cigar Cutter, Bottle Opener & Whistle Key Chain - drill required 7mm

Secret Compartment - drill required 10mm

Pocket Knife - drill required 12mm

Bullet - drill required 3/8"

Lip Balm Holder Key Chain Kit - PSI

drill needed 45/64 Forstner Bit

For information/instructions please go to our INFO page

Project Kits - Key Chain

Bottle Opener Key Chain - PSI
Bullet Key Chain
Cigar Cutter Key Chain
Key Chain Kit
Lip Balm Key Chain Kit
Mini Key Chain Pen Kit
Pocket Knife Key Chain
Secret Compartment Key Chain
Whistle Key Chain 

*blank not included in this purchase, completed key chain is not included in this purchase, single purchase gets single kit unless part of a set, each kit has its own bushings, bushings available separately HERE*