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BSI Insta Flex

BSI Insta Flex

What do we use Flex CA for?

  • We love Flex CA for our CA finishes.
  • Flex is used with the Accelerator.
  • Flex CA was specifically designed for pen makers for CA finish
  • Traditional CA can crack and yellow over time.
  • Flex CA has a little give to it, allowing for a lower chance of the finish cracking
  • We have several videos on YouTube @TurnersTV where we demonstrate CA Finish and further discuss the benefits


  • Flexible thin CA is ideal for many applications, including the installation of CA hinges.
  • When cured, INSTA-FLEX™ does not turn brittle and remains clear, even if accelerated with INSTA-SET™.
  • It has superior shock resistance.
  • Although not as thin in consistency as INSTA-CURE™, INSTA-FLEX™ still has good penetrating qualities and its application can be easier to control.
  • For CA hinges, we recommend drilling a 1/16" hole in the center of the hinge slots to insure the complete saturation of the hinge when INSTA-FLEX™ is applied.
  • INSTA-FLEX™ has a different, less irritating odor compared to regular CA's, but still can not be used on white foam.
  • NSTA-FLEX™ has also proven to be superior when bonding anodized aluminum

Insta Flex +Clear Rubber Toughened

  • Clear rubber toughened has similar qualities to our black IC-2000™ but can be used in applications where you do not want the adhesive to be seen.
  • The carbon component of IC-2000™ that gives the CA its black color also contributes to its unsurpassed strength.
  • Since INSTA-FLEX+™ has this carbon removed, its strength is a little less than IC-2000™ but still superior to standard CA's.
  • When esthetics are important and a flexible bond is required, INSTA-FLEX+™ is your best choice.
  • It forms superior bonds to soft urethane and vinyl plastics. Both INSTA-FLEX™ and INSTA-FLEX+™ work well when bonding R/C car tires.
  • When a joint has a larger than normal gap, flexible CA's provide superior shock resistant bonds.

Bottle Size

  • 3/4oz or 1 oz
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Expertly designed for flawless pen finishes, BSI Insta Flex is a game-changing solution for product perfection. With proven results and a professional formula, this versatile product is a must-have for any industry expert looking to elevate their work to the next level.

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