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SPB Magic Juice Polishing Compound

SPB Magic Juice Polishing Compound

Product Specs

  • Polishing compounds for embedded object resin blanks, other resin based blanks, and CA or CC finishes too.
  • Magic Juice is available in 10ml Sample sets, 1oz sets, and 2oz sets.
  • Magic Juice now has an easier to follow step system of numbers for the bottles.

How to use:

  • Magic Juice (MJ) is best used as a polishing compound for solid resin materials and plastics.
  • MJ may also be used to polish items with a CA (Cyanoacrylate), CC (Craft Coat), or other similar product finish.
  • For best results of hybrid and worthless wood blanks, a sealing finish of CA, CC, or similar is needed before polishing with MJ.
  • Prepare your turned items by wet sanding up to a recommended 2000 grit, however stopping at 800 grit is acceptable.
  • Using a lathe speed of 2400-3000 rpm, work through the six-bottle MJ set.
  • Start with STEP #1 and work up the numbers, with STEP #6 being last.
  • A pencil eraser sized amount is all that is needed from each bottle. Polish the sanded item with mild pressure for 20-60 seconds.
  • You will notice a change of a mild grit to a smoother feel while polishing. That smoother feel is your indication to move to the next bottle.
  • MJ is not recommended for use on friction polish finishes or raw unfinished woods. Magic Juice is water based; do not allow it to freeze.
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Discover the powerful results of SPB Magic Juice Polishing Compound. This expertly formulated Magic Juice is designed to effortlessly polish solid resin materials and plastics. Achieve a flawless finish and enhance the beauty of your products with this efficient and effective solution.

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