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BSI Epoxy

BSI Epoxy

Available in 3 different Cures

  • Quik Cure - 5 minute
  • Mid Cure - 15 minute
  • Slow Cure - 30 minute


  • 5 minute epoxy cures to a slightly flexible consistency.
  • This lack of brittleness allows it to form a lasting bond in areas subjected to high vibration or stress.
  • Shouldn’t be used in areas that are subject to long-term immersion in water; however, it works fine for the internal structure of wood framed boats.
  • Epoxy on which you can apply polyester resins.
  • It can be mixed with microballoons to form a quick setting putty
  • Items bonded with Quik Cure can be handled after 15 minutes. Full strength is reached in 1 hour.


  • 15 min. epoxy is used in larger areas where more working time is needed.
  • Is more water resistant and can be used as a substitute for QUIK-CURE™ in most applications.
  • It is the most flexible epoxy and is ideal for gluing to fiberglass surfaces
  • Allow 45 minutes before handling parts and 2 hours for full strength.


  • 30 min. epoxy works best for forming reinforcing fillets on joints
  • It has the highest strength of our epoxies.
  • It is waterproof and more heat resistant. SLOW-CURE™ can be used for bonding if you’re willing to wait overnight.
  • Fillers such as microballoons can be mixed with SLOW-CURE™ and FINISH-CURE™ to form a putty-like consistency.
  • Such fillers will usually decrease the working time by about 25%
  • Bonded objects can be handled after 8 hours and the cured epoxy reaches full strength within 24 hours.
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BSI Epoxy provides a solution for quick projects with its fast-curing options of 5, 15, or 30 minutes. Perfect for urgent repairs, this versatile epoxy offers high strength and durability, ensuring long-lasting results. Save time and get the job done efficiently with BSI Epoxy.

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BSI - Bob Smith Industries

BSI adhesives have earned an international reputation of being as good as, if not better than, industrial grade, at a fraction of the cost.
By starting with only the best raw materials and manufacturing processes, BSI produces the highest performing adhesives. BSI’s adhesives never sit in a warehouse under uncontrolled conditions. This results in an unmatched shelf life and consistent performance, which a growing number of makers are taking advantage of.