Tube in Silicone Casting Molds

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Casting Molds    

Molds come with the plugs included,    additional or replacements are also available.   
Blue molds are recommended for Epoxy, Polyester, and Alumilite resins 

Sierra "Tube-In" Casting Mold - can be used for: 
Sierra Twist BP kit (Monarch, Elegant Monarch, Banker, Ares, Sirocco, Zephyr)
Sierra Vista pen kit
Apprentice Classica Twist BP kit
Banker Twist BP kit
Wall Street II Twist BP kit
Elegant Beauty Twist BP kit
Lancer Twist pen kit
Mesa Twist pen kit
Virage Twist pen kit
PSI Art Deco Twist Pen Kit
PSI Magnum Twist Pen Kit
PSI Majestic Squire Twist Pen Kit
PSI Nouveau Sceptre Twist Pen Kit
PSI Bolt Action (30 Cal) BP Pen Kit
Artisan Aero pen Pen Kit
PSI Gearshift Pen Kit
PSI Steampunk Pen Kit
PSI Vesper Click Pen Kit

    Jr Series "Tube-In" Casting Mold - can be used for:
    Jr Gent I Screw Cap Pen Kit
    Jr Gent II Screw Cap Pen Kit
    Jr Retro Screw Cap Pen Kit
    Jr Emperor Screw Cap Pen Kit
    Jr George Screw Cap Pen Kit
    Jr Aaron Screw Cap Pen Kit
    Jr Harold Screw Cap Pen Kit
    Majestic Junior Screw Cap Pen Kit
    Sedona Screw Cap Pen Kit
    Baron Screw Cap Pen Kit
    Tycoon Screw Cap Pen Kit
    Navigator Screw Cap Pen Kit
    Metro Pen Kit

    Cigar  "Tube-In" Casting Mold - can be used for:
    Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
    Fat Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
    Apprentice Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
    Extra Large Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
    Big Ben Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
    Cigar 0.5 mm Pencil Pen Kit
    Hybrid Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
    Ultra Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit

    Patriot "Tube-In" Casting Mold - can be used for:

    Carbara Twist BP Pen Kit
    Patriot Twist BP Pen Kit
    Polaris Twist BP Pen Kit
    Polaris 7mm Pencil Pen Kit
    Atlas Twist BP Pen Kit
    PSI Civil War Pen Kit
    PSI Executive Twist BP Pen Kit
    PSI Knight's Armor Pen Kit
    PSI Fly Fishing Pen Kit
    Woodcraft Nuclear Submarine Pen Kit
    Professor Pen Kit 
    PSI EDC Dura Click 

    Zen "Tube-In" Casting Mold - can be used for:
    Zen Magnetic Cap BP Pen Kit
    Zen Screw Cap BP Pen Kit
    Gran Torino Screw Cap BP Pen Kit
    2007 Screw Cap BP Pen Kit
    PSI Celtic Twist Pen Kit
    PSI Knurl GT Twist Pen Kit
    PSI Rollester Pen Kit

    Sierra Click "Tube-In" Casting Mold - can be used for:
    Sierra Button Click Pen Kit
    Wallstreet II Button Click Pen Kit
    PSI Vertex Magnetic Cap Pen Kit
    PSI Vesper Click Pen Kit

    Clicker Series "Tube-In" Casting Mold - can be used for:
    Clicker BP Pen Kit
    Longwood Click BP Pen Kit
    Longclick BP Pen Kit

    Tiny Giant "Tube-In" Casting Mold

    Tiny Giant Pen Kit 
    Editor Ballpoint Pen Kit
    Bolt Action Tec-Pen Kit from PSI

    Slimline  "Tube-In" Casting Mold

    Razor "Tube-In" Casting Mold

    Shakespeare "Tube-In" Casting Mold- can be used for:
    Mistral Rollerball/Fountain 

    Many molds can be used with other tubes than listed.