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Alumilite Dyes

Alumilite Dyes

Product Specs

  • 10 pack includes 1 oz bottle of the following colors: Black, White, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Ocean Blue, Violet
  • 5 pack includes 1 oz bottle of the following colors: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue
  • 5 pack Florescent includes 1 oz bottle of the following colors: Florescent Red, Florescent Green, Florescent, Yellow, Florescent Orange, Florescent Pink


  • Use Alumilite’s Dyes to color your casting resin. Can be used in the water clear resin to make a translucent colored casting.
  • The dyes are added to the “A” side by weight up to 5%.
  • Translucency: Translucent colors include green, yellow, red, blue, brown, orange, violet, and ocean blue.
  • Opaque dyes include white, black, florescent red, flo. orange, flo. yellow, flo. green(some translucency can be achieved by adding an incredibly small amount of these dyes to clear resin).
  • NOTE: 1 oz. bottle dispensing tip must be cut to dispense dye. Tip may also be removed completely.
  • *Note that Green translucent dye is not compatible with epoxy chemistry and will shift to a blue color. This is due in part to chemistry, but also shift in hues (yellowing) over time of epoxy, causing changes in color.
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Enhance your casting projects with Alumilite Dyes. Choose from a variety of bright and vibrant translucent or opaque colors that will make your creations pop. Expertly formulated for optimal results.


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Resin Casting

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