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Kitless Pen Clips - Beaufort

Kitless Pen Clips - Beaufort

Style E Gasket Size

  • o/d=12.3
  • i/d=10.3
  • xy=17

Style G Gasket Size

  • G4: o/d=13.6
  • G4: i/d=11.0
  • G4: xy=17
  • G5: o/d=14.4
  • G5: i/d=11.9
  • G5: xy=18

Style J3 Gasket Size

  • o/d=12.0
  • i/d=10.0
  • xy=17

Style P Gasket Size

  • o/d=14.0
  • i/d=11.7
  • xy=18
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Elevate the style and sophistication of your custom pens with Beaufort's top-quality Kitless Pen Clips. Crafted with precision and expertise, these clips add a luxurious touch to your writing instrument. 

 *images show dimensions but do not necessarily match the plating type*

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Custom Pen Making

Make your own custom and bespoke pens. We have the tools, blanks and accessories you need.
Check out our YouTube @TurnersTV for some helpful videos!