Beaufort Ink Mandrels for Kitless and Custom pen making

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Mandrels for kitless pens and custom pen makers. Suitable for caps, barrels and sections.


Made from solid brass, the 15mm rear tenon can be held on the lathe in a collet chuck, an engineering chuck, a drill chuck or a wood lathe chuck. Once the pen component is drilled and threaded, it can be held securely and accurately on the mandrel in order to turn and finish its outside profile.

Section mandrels are reversible and therefore able to hold the section by either its internal thread or its external thread.

Complete Set Includes one of each of the following:

  • M9x.75
  • M10x1
  • M11x.8
  • M12x.8
  • M13x.8
  • M14x.8
  • M15x.8
  • M7.9x.6 
  • M6.4x.6