Inlay Sample Set, Choose size

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Inlay Sample Set Large
15grams each of the following Lab Created Stones in a Small Grain 

  • Blue Turquoise 
  • Azurite Malecite 
  • Blue Lapis
  • Blue Goldstone
  • Chrysocolla 
  • Malecite
  • Green Goldstone
  • Malecite/Canary
  • African Rainbow
  • Red Pipestone
  • Red Coral 
  • Canary

***Please note some inlays are heavier than others and make appear more or less full than other jars****

Inlay Sample Set  Small

With this hand selected sampler you get a variety of the most popular inlays so you can try them in your next project! 

Includes 3 grams of each:

  • Abalone Shell
  • Watch Parts
  • Green Glow Powder
  • Orange Glow Powder
  • Small Grain of the following:
    • Green Goldstone
    • Blue Turquoise
    • Blue Goldstone
    • Canary
    • Green Malachite
    • Azurite Malachite
    • Red Corral
    • Azurite Malachite/Canary Blend