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Ceramic Inlay Ring Core

Ceramic Inlay Ring Core

Product Specs

  • Single Channel Core - in white or black 8mm width - with 4mm Channel
  • Double Channel Core- in white or black 9mm width - 2 channels are 2mm each, outside edges are 2mm each, middle edge/separation between channels is 1mm.
  • Each one has material type laser engraved in inside of core.
  • Hypoallergenic & strong - we recommend preventing impact on the core to prevent cracking.
  • *Single purchase gets single ring core, opals not included with this purchase, completed ring not included with this purchase*
Inlay Channel
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Crafted from durable ceramic, this inlay ring core is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. Available in single or double channel, this ring core offers a unique and modern look while providing strength and longevity. 

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