Watch Parts or Blank Kits

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Turners Warehouse Watch Part Blank Kit - make your own watch part blanks with this hand selected starter kit brought to you by Turners Warehouse

This is a way to get started with the watch parts blanks.   

What is in the Watch Starter kit:
24 inches of carbon fiber (approx. 6 sierra tubes worth).
1 tweezers. 
10 grams of mixed parts.
5 Dials. 
Assorted watch hands.  Hand selected
Storage box with Turners Decal 

What else you will need
Tubes,  paint or powder coated
CA Glue,   thin for gluing the carbon to the tube and thick for gluing the parts on. 
Mold for casting the tube of choice.
Resin,   I recommend Liquid Diamonds  (I use it for all my watch parts blanks.

Additional Watch Parts: 
10 gram jar, assorted parts 
*single purchase includes single jar*