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Watch Parts or Blank Kits - Ring Inlay

Watch Parts or Blank Kits - Ring Inlay

Turners Warehouse Watch Part Blank Kit

  • Make your own watch part blanks with this hand selected starter kit brought to you by Turners Warehouse
  • This is a way to get started with the watch parts blanks.
  • *These are random assortments, actual parts will vary* Ring Cores not included with this purchase*

What is in the Watch Starter kit:

  • 24 inches of carbon fiber (approx. 6 sierra tubes worth).
  • 1 tweezers.
  • 10 grams of mixed parts.
  • 5 Dials.
  • Assorted watch hands.
  • Hand selected Storage box with Turners Decal

What else you will need:

  • Tubes, paint or powder coated
  • CA Glue, thin for gluing the carbon to the tube and thick for gluing the parts on.
  • Mold for casting the tube of choice.
  • Resin, I recommend Liquid Diamonds (I use it for all my watch parts blanks

Watch parts for Inlay - Ring Inlay Additional Watch Parts:

  • 10 gram jar, assorted parts
  • 20 gram jar, assorted parts
  • 1 small 1" jar of assorted watch parts
  • *single purchase includes single jar*
Starter Kit or Spare Parts
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Ring Making

One of the hottest new trends is ring making. Here at Turners Warehouse we are all well versed in ring making & are happy to assist!
We have you covered from Tool to Ring Cores to UV Resin to inlay materials and more!
New to rings? Try a class here in Gilbert, Arizona or check out one of our videos on YouTube @TurnersTV