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Stabilized Silk Oak Pen Blanks

Stabilized Silk Oak Pen Blanks

Product Specs

  • Dyed & Stabilized Silk Oak Pen Blanks
  • Measuring approximately 5" x 3/4"
  • *single purchase gets single blank
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Enhance your pen-making with Stabilized Silk Oak Pen Blanks. The silk oak wood adds a unique texture and grain to your pens, creating one-of-a-kind writing instruments. Crafted from natural materials, these pen blanks are perfect for adding a touch of nature to your writing experience.

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Cactus Juice & Stabilizing

Stabilizing wood allows you to use otherwise unusable wood. Curtis the maker of Cactus Juice and leader in the industry for stabilizing chambers: "Otherwise commonly referred to as hybrid blanks, is the technique of casting wood and resin combinations to form a unique, hybrid blank. This technique was originally created by me in 2006 and shared with the woodturning community through an article I wrote entitled "Worthless Wood - Salvaging Otherwise Worthless Wood with Pressure Casting". This technique has been used by thousands of craftspeople around the world since that original article."