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Maker Select HDPE De-Mold Rack - Pen Blank Mold

Maker Select HDPE De-Mold Rack - Pen Blank Mold

Product Specs

  • For Alumilite or Epoxy
  • Mold release 100% required for Epoxy Resins or you will stick the cast in the mold.
  • For use with Makers Select HDPE Molds - makes for easy de-molding
  • First time use demolding tip: If the blanks don't come out easily with air or a tap try whacking the mold upside down on the table. This creates some air behind the blanks and they should pop out more easily.
  • *mold is not included with this purchase, single purchase gets single de-mold rack*

How to calculate volume

  • How to determine resin needed for a rectangle or square mold (this is a good place to start, you should verify during pour and make adjustments in future) There is .554oz in 1 cubic inch of resin
  • liquid volume = ( length x width x height ) x .554
  • example- if your mold is 6" x 5.5" x 1" = 33 cubic inches take 33 cubic inches x .554 ox per cubic inch = 18.28 oz
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Effortlessly remove your pen blank molds with the Maker Select HDPE De-Mold Rack. This essential tool streamlines the de-molding process, saving you time and hassle. Crafted with high-density polyethylene, it promises durability and ease of use. Simplify your crafting today.

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