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UV LED Lamp for Resin Casting

UV LED Lamp for Resin Casting

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UV LED Lamp for Resin Casting

Perfect for use with Ring Inlay 

48 Watt UV LED Lamp

* 48W Power UV+led Dual Light Source - equipped with 48w 30pcs uv & led lamp beads, suitable for curing all kinds of uv and led gel polishes at short time.

* Auto Sensor Design - Use the auto-sensor, it would turn on or off automatically when you put ring in or out.

* 4 Timers Setting - with 10/30/60/99s timer, 99s Low Heat Mode Mode, Use pearl paint surface, texture upscale is difficult to scratch but easier to keep clean.

* Easkep nail dryer with 30 pcs 48W double light source (wavelength 365nm+405nm). The light is similar to sunlight, covering the light waves required by UV phototherapy glue, extension glue and LED nail glue. It is a professional UV LED lamp that no need to change any bulbs!

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