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BSI Un Cure CA Debonder

BSI Un Cure CA Debonder

Product Specs

  • Will soften cured CA
  • If parts are bonded incorrectly or your fingers are stuck together, a few drops of UN-CURE™ will dissolve the CA in about a minute.
  • Apply on bonded skin and roll apart fingers.
  • Once stuck, use acetone to clean off softened CA, then wash off with soap and water.
  • Since cured CA is essentially acrylic plastic, anything that will dissolve CA will also soften most plastics.
  • are must be used, therefore, when using Un-Cure on plastics.
  • Separating plastics parts with a razor saw is usually the best option.
  • For removing CA from hard surfaces, soak a cloth or paper towel in Un-Cure™ and rub areas vigorously. Un-Cure™, however, will mar most plastics.
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BSI adhesives have earned an international reputation of being as good as, if not better than, industrial grade, at a fraction of the cost.
By starting with only the best raw materials and manufacturing processes, BSI produces the highest performing adhesives. BSI’s adhesives never sit in a warehouse under uncontrolled conditions. This results in an unmatched shelf life and consistent performance, which a growing number of makers are taking advantage of.