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Trend Air Stealth Safety Respirator

Trend Air Stealth Safety Respirator

Product Specs

  • New generation NIOSH N100 safety respirator, ergonomically designed with low profile design.
  • Offers less breathing resistance.
  • Less clogging pressure and inward leakage.
  • Approval N100 APF10 x WEL
  • Protects user against non-oil based airborne particles, mist and fumes.
  • Twin HEPAC* pleat encapsulated design filter provides up to 99.99% filtration of airborne particles and aerosols at 0.3 micron and above.
  • Exhalation valve on bottom of face piece, ensuring no exhalation fumes steam or fog of any glasses/visors.
  • Protective grill cover 100% of filter surface.
  • Grill protects filter from moisture and particulates, ensuring it performs better in clogging pressure and filtration efficiency.
  • Unique integral sample port and plug allow non-destructive face fitting.
  • Large non-return valve.
  • Single piece head and neck strap with quick release.
  • The lightweight thermoplastic elastomer face-piece adapts to the contours of your face and is manufactured from high-grade hypoallergenic (latex-free, silcone-free and odor-free) materials.
  • The lightweight thermoplastic elastomer face-piece adapts to the contours of your face.
  • Conforms to half mask standard NIOSH N100.
  • Respiratory protection to N100.
  • *High Efficiency Particulate Air Composite.
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Trend Tool Technology

Trend is a well established company that has been designing and developing for tradespeople since 1955. During this time they have built a recognized brand with a strong and well respected reputation for high quality and innovation.
The Trend brand is built/designed to appeal across a range of professions and trades and also within the Craft or DIY market, with products focusing across these key areas.
As a constantly evolving brand, Trend offers a range of high quality PPE to protect you in multiple areas of your daily work routine, protecting eyes, ears and lungs to keep you safe and healthy as you work, with Industrial rated dust extraction units to fulfil your safety requirements.