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Ready to Turn Blanks

Ready to Turn Blanks

Product Specs

  • Ready to turn blanks - tubed, squared and ready to turn!
  • We selected premium wood and resin blanks and glued the tubes in with premium glue. Blanks are then squared and ready to go on the mandrel.
  • *sample shown with Fancy Slimline Pen Kit, kit not included with this purchase, single purchase gets single set of pre tubed blanks, resin swirls and wood grain will vary, multiples shown to demonstrate variation in blanks*
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These high-quality pieces are prepped and ready for your lathe, allowing you to easily create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. Say goodbye to the hassle of prepping wood and hello to the joy of turning.

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Top Choice Blanks

Top Choice Blanks strives to provide top quality blanks for our makers.
Experienced Casters take great care to make these blanks with premium resin, materials and colors right here in Arizona, Made in USA