Raptor Grinding Sharpening Accessories

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Raptor Grinding Sharpening Accessories
Upgrade your sharpening system with the Raptor Grinding Jig Guide and Set Up Tools.  
Grinding Jig: Laser cut from 1/8" steel and built to last a lifetime, the Raptor grinding jig guide features a symmetrical design that allows for easy mounting on any work surface. Made in USA
1/8" Solid steel construction
Symmetrical design
Powder coated exterior
1-3/4" Jig recommended for use with 6" dia. wheels
2" Jig recommended for use with 8" dia. wheels
    Raptor Set Up Tools: Frustrated and confused by the instructions supplied with your sharpening system? You’re not alone, many woodturners are. We think using your sharpening system should be simple. In fact, we believe that setting up to sharpen should be a "no-brainer" that takes only seconds while resulting in consistent, repeatable grinds every time. With Raptor Set Up Tools, sharpening is fast and easy.
    No more tool holder leg adjustments
    No more "eye-balling" during set up
    Get repeatable grinds in only seconds
    Laser cut from steel to last a lifetime
    Use 2 Raptor Set Up Tools to create double bevel grinds
    Made in USA 

    Raptor™ Set Up Tools work with the Oneway® Vari-Grind™ Jig, Kelton Sharpening Jig, Woodcut™ Tru-Grind, and most other systems that utilize an adjustable tool support slide and tool holder.

    Sold individually unless otherwise specified

    For information/instructions please go to our INFO page - Raptor Grinding Jig Guide
    Raptor Set Up Tools