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Boring Head 9 piece set - Ring Turning and more

Boring Head 9 piece set - Ring Turning and more

Product Specs

  • 1 - F1-12 50mm boring head with 12mm hole accept
  • 9 - boring carbide tips with 12mm shank
  • 3 - keys
  • 1 - plastic case
  • Max Offset: 16
  • Boring bar diameter: 12
  • Min graduation: .01
  • Diameter of Boring: 10-125mm
  • MT2


  • Milling Machine
  • This tool set is made of high quality material and has good wear resistance.
  • It can be used for boring, boring outer circle, boring end face, boring ladder hole, boring hole end face, cut the hole and the outer ring groove and other processing.
  • MT2
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The Boring Head 9 piece set is a valuable tool for precision machining. Made with high quality materials and excellent wear resistance, it can be used for a variety of tasks such as boring, cutting, and grooving. Its versatility and durability make it a must-have for any machining professional.

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