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Lancelot 14 Tooth Chainsaw Disc

Lancelot 14 Tooth Chainsaw Disc

Product Specs

  • Includes: 4" (100mm) diameter 14-tooth chainsaw blade housed between 2 patented stainless steel discs.
  • Fits most standard 4 1/2", metric 115mm & 125mm Angle Grinders
  • Excellent for rapid wood removal, cutting & general shaping
  • Teeth can be easily sharpened with a 5/32" (4mm) file
  • Made in USA

Safety Tips: Please make sure that

  • Your work piece is secured in a work bench, vise or manner that insures it is safe to cut.
  • You’re wearing protective safety clothing and all instructions for the assembly of our tools have been faithfully carried out! You will see constant references to Lancelot, however, you can assume the same principles apply to Squire should you use Squire on its own.
  • We’re going to refer to wood as the object being cut, however, if your subject is ice, bonsai trees, rubber or any other soft non-ferrous materials, the cutting techniques are the same.
  • These tips are written for right hand use carving simply because our tools fit right hand angle grinders. The standard hand position is to lightly but firmly grip the auxiliary handle with your left hand and the body of the grinder with your right.
  • There’s no need to use a death grip or a vise grip and make your knuckles go white with the pressure - you’ll exert much easier control with a firm relaxed grip. INCLUDES
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