Laguna Revo 1216 Accessories

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  • 12|16 Adjustable Premium Stand
Never has a Midi Lathe been supported this well. Adjustable from 39”– 45” at spindle center & featuring ergonomic multi tool shelving. Net Weight is 81 lbs. making the Revo 12|16 mounted on stand a combined 199 lbs.

  • Wheel System
Foot Operated
360° Omni-Directional
Rubber-Coated Wheels
Adjustable Rubber Pads
Oilite Bronze Bushing Allows 
For Less Friction and Longer Life
Easy Install with No Drilling Required
Pedal Raises & Lowers Front Wheel
Wheels Mounted Outside Frame to 
Maximize Stability

    • 10” Cast Iron Extension 
    Tool Rest Extension 
    Spindle Adaptor LH | RH 1” X 8 TPI 

    The expansion set consist of 3 parts: the 10” cast iron extension that can mount Right or Left side.
    Tool-Rest extender for outboard use & an adaptor that allows 1” chucks with either Left or Right handed threads to be used outboard.
    • 20 inch Cast Extension
    Can be mounted to the right side of the Revo 12/16 lathe to extend the turning length by up to 20 inches.  It can also be mounted to the left side of the headstock to permit outboard turning.  Comes with mounting hardware included. 

    • L-Shaped Bracket mounts on back of headstock in hi/low position.