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JR Hamilton Pen Kit

JR Hamilton Pen Kit

Product Specs

  • Bushings: JR Series
  • Drill Bit: 10.5mm & 12.5mm
  • Tube: JR Series
  • Rollerball Ink Refill: Standard Rollerball Ink
  • Fountain Ink: Universal cartridge or converter
  • Instructions: JR Series
  • Single purchase gets single kit


  • Built on the same tube and bushing set as the Jr Gentleman series.
  • Unique detailing on cap, clip and finial
  • Available in Rollerball or Fountain
Metal Finish
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The JR Hamilton Pen Kit is a part of the prestigious JR family, boasting same tubes and bushings as the JR series this is a great addition to your rotation. Its elegant detailing, classic nib section, and the satin finish options offer a sophisticated touch to any writing experience. 

***Mix and Match any Group B Kits for the Quantity Discounts***
It assembles like a Jr Gent/Jr George
For information/instructions please go to our INFO page - Jr Instructions

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