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Element Series Pen Kits

Element Series Pen Kits

JR Element Rollerball Kit

  • Solid raw metal as stated with Brass clip
  • Bushings: JR Series
  • Drill Bit: 10.5mm & 12.5mm
  • Tube: JR Series
  • Ink Refill: Standard Rollerball Ink
  • Instructions: JR Series

Element Twist Kit

  • Solid raw metal parts as stated with Steel clip
  • Bushings: Monarch Family
  • Drill Bit: 27/64"
  • Tube: Monarch Family
  • Ink Refill: Parker Style Ballpoint
  • Instructions: Monarch

Element Cigar Kit

  • Solid raw metal parts as stated with Brass Clip
  • Bushings: Cigar
  • Drill Bit: 10mm
  • Tube: Cigar
  • Ink Refill: Parker Style Ballpoint
  • Instructions: Cigar

What is patina?

  • Patina is a thin layer that forms on the surface of copper, brass, bronze and similar metals and metal alloys or certain stones and wooden furniture, or any similar acquired change of a surface through age and exposure.
  • Additionally, the term is used to describe the aging of high-quality leather.
  • Some people use water, salt, vinegar, peroxide or ammonia to speed up the patina process
  • *please be cautious when using/mixing chemicals and make sure you are in a well ventilated area
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Craft high-quality, custom pens with Element Series Pen Kits. Choose from raw metal options in aluminum, copper, brass, or stainless steel, in three popular sizes. Achieve a unique patina by treating the metal, or let it develop naturally over time. Perfect for the expert pen maker looking for customizable options.

Element Series Pen Kits - all raw metal 

Please keep in mind these are not plated kits, the look and color will change over time with the environment and handling. They are meant to take on the elements and their appearance will change. You can patina these to change the look or age them. 

JR Series instructions
Monarch Instructions

Cigar Instructions

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