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Amazing UV Resin

Amazing UV Resin

Product Specs

  • Rapid Curing Technology: Step into a world where your artistic visions come to life faster than ever!
  • User-Friendly: Say goodbye to the hassle of measuring and mixing. Just pour, cure, and adore!
  • Customize with Ease: A tiny amount of mica powder, alcohol ink, or glitter transforms this clear UV Resin into a vibrant masterpiece!
  • 8oz bottle

Tips for Success

  • Less is More: Start with tiny amounts of colorant. Overdoing it can block the UV light, leading to improper curing and a soft or sticky result.
  • Clear Molds: Let the colors shine! Clear molds ensure maximum light penetration for a complete cure.
  • Thorough Mixing: Use a separate cup to mix your resin and colorant before pouring into your mold. This ensures even color distribution.
  • Mica Dusting: For a clear interior with a colorful shimmer, lightly dust your mold with mica powder before adding the resin.
  • Curing Both Sides: Always cure both sides of your project for optimal results.
  • Tacky Surfaces: If you encounter stickiness, a thin top coat of resin and additional curing time should solve the problem.
  • Layering: Create depth and dimension by layering different colors of resin. Cure each layer partially before adding the next.
  • Test Swatches: Always test your color combinations in small batches before committing to your main project.
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UV resins open a world of creative possibilities with their fast curing and ease of use. 

If you want to add a splash of color, here's what you need to know:

Compatible Colorants

Mica Powder: Adds a beautiful shimmer and pearlescent effect.
Alcohol Inks: Create vibrant, translucent colors with swirls and marbled effects.
Glitter: Offers playful sparkle and dimension.
Liquid Pigments: Specifically designed for resin, these offer concentrated color.

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Ring Making

One of the hottest new trends is ring making. Here at Turners Warehouse we are all well versed in ring making & are happy to assist!
We have you covered from Tool to Ring Cores to UV Resin to inlay materials and more!
New to rings? Try a class here in Gilbert, Arizona or check out one of our videos on YouTube @TurnersTV