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Wicked Wax

Wicked Wax

Product Specs

  • 100% food safe, organic and vegan
  • Can be used on wood, steel, epoxy, plastic and leather
  • A little goes a long way
  • Available in .5oz or 2 oz


  • Wicked Wax is cutting edge protection for your entire knife.
  • It will revitalize, seal and add a shine to most wood finishes.
  • A primary use is to make metal rust resistant.
  • Want to seal your leather and bring back its suppleness? Wicked Wax will work great for that.
  • Epoxy and plastic clean and shine with a thin coat of this wax.
  • The beeswax in Wicked Wax will not make the handle feel slippery.
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Wicked Wax is a professional-grade wax designed for expert use. Made from high-quality ingredients.

Single purchase gets single jar of wax, image shown with multiples to demonstrate difference in sizes.

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