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Variable Speed Miniature Angle Grinder Universal Carving Set

Variable Speed Miniature Angle Grinder Universal Carving Set

Product Specs

  • Plug/Voltage- 110-115v
  • Watts/Amps-100 watts


  • Great for miniature work like carving spoons, small bowls, or for details on faces and feathers
  • Portable and versatile. Terrific for carving, shaping and sanding in difficult, hard to reach places
  • Excellent for woodcarving, miniature woodworking, DIY auto repairs, metal and finish work
  • Used with or against the grain on flat, straight, round, convex, concave and contoured surfaces
  • Can be used on wood, plastic, rubber, bone, fiberglass and other soft non-ferrous materials
  • Many accessories also fit higher powered, single speed mini grinders
  • Can be powered by an automobile’s AC/DC power converter
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