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Tempest Pen Kit - Beaufort Ink

Tempest Pen Kit - Beaufort Ink

Product Specs

  • Bushings: Tempest
  • Drill Bit: 13/32" and 21/64"
  • Tube: Tempest
  • Ink Refill: Parker Style Ballpoint
  • Single purchase gets single pen kit


  • Specially designed and engineered, ultra-reliable click mechanism
  • Classic Design
  • Slender finished sizes
Metal Plating
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The Tempest Pen Kit from Beaufort Ink is a must-have for any writing enthusiast. Specially designed and engineered, this pen boasts an ultra-reliable click mechanism, ensuring each use is smooth and effortless. Its classic design and slender finished sizes make it both stylish and practical.

***Mix and Match any Group A Kits for the Quantity Discounts***
For information/instructions please go to our INFO page - Tempest Instructions

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Beaufort Ink

Beaufort Ink manufactures and distributes high end pen kits, pen blanks, fountain pen nibs, fountain pen inks, tools and supplies for discerning pen enthusiasts and pen makers. From Bock fountain pen nibs and their range of sumptuous fountain pen inks, to the world class wood turning pen kits and pen refills, everything is driven by quality. Beaufort doesn't compromise just to shave a few pennies off the price, they don’t simply copy, and they don’t stock low grade products just to get a slice of the mass market.

All their pen kits and branded products are made to exacting standards and tolerances to compete with the best in the world.