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Powercap Active IP Respirator Accessories

Powercap Active IP Respirator Accessories

Product Specs

  • Peel-off visor protectors for the Powercap Active IP help keep the impact-resistant face shield scratch and dirt free, reducing the frequency of face shield replacement. Maintaining a clean, unobscured face shield helps reduce fatigue while working and greatly improve user safety. Ships as a pack of 10.
  • Replacement particulate P2 filters for the Powercap Active. Exceeds N95 particulate protection, meaning that the filter is at least 94% efficient against non-oil based particulates down to .3 microns in size. Certified to EN1827:2009. Ships as a pack of 2.
  • Powercap Pre-filter Pads help extend the life of the Powercap Active IP's P2 filter cartridges by protecting the exposed pleats of the filters from large, visible clumps of floating particulate matter. This keeps the P2 filters running at maximum efficiency, allowing for continued filtration of dangerous microscopic contaminants for extended periods and in the harshest of usage conditions. Ships as a pack of 10. Includes instruction for installation.
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Lightweight and more balanced on the head than its competitors. The Powercap is the lightest head mounted PAPR in the World with over 8,000 sold in the USA.

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