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Pen Mill Blank Square - Pen Squaring Tool

Pen Mill Blank Square - Pen Squaring Tool

Product Specs

  • 3 piece set Barrel Trimmer: 3/4 cutter head with 4 edges, Alan wrench , shaft that fits 7mm tube
  • 7 piece set Barrel Trimmer: 6 Edge cutter head or 4 Edge cutter head, Alan wrench, 4 different size shafts for these tubes - 7mm, 8mm, 3/8", 10mm
  • Pen Mill 27/64" - for 27/64" tubes: Sierra, Monarch, Banker, etc.
  • Pen Mill 10mm - for 10mm tubes: Cigar, Cigar Ultimate, Classic, Classic Premium, 10mm Keychains
  • Pen Mill 3/8" - for 3/8" tubes: Bolt Action, Executive, many PSI kits
  • Pen Mill 8mm - for 8mm tubes: Classic Twist, Chilton Click
  • Pen Mill 7mm - for 7mm tubes: Slimline, Fancy Slimline, Streamline, Euro, Mini Bullet, some keychains
  • Pen Mill 8.5mm - for 8.5mm tubes: Shaving stand kit
  • We have listed some of the kits that match the shafts, there could be more
  • 6 blade cutter head fits any of our shafts
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