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Mylands Traditional Wax Polish

Mylands Traditional Wax Polish

Product Specs

  • Antique Pine Wax: A light brown wax with hints of honey-orange that adds tone and depth to all light colored woods in addition to pine. Very popular with traditional restorers and conservators. Favored by decorative painters to tone down and subtlety age newly painted pieces.
  • Antique Brown Wax: A warm, medium honey brown wax particularly suited for oak, walnut and all darker woods. Results in a rich, deep shine that complements and enhances the finish and patina.
  • Antique Mahogany Wax: Similar to Mylands Antique Brown Wax, but with a hint of red that results in warmer, richer tones. Favored for use on mahogany, dark cherry and other warmer woods.
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Our story begins in 1884 when ‘Honest’ John Myland set up his modest shop in the heart of Lambeth. Unlike some other paintmakers of the day, John was absolutely in thrall to the art of the colourman, insisting on only the very best materials that would allow him to create colours that were lustrous and flawless, with guaranteed quality.

Today, we’re still in Lambeth, the last remaining paint manufacturer in London, and John’s great-grandson Dominic Myland carries on the family tradition of perfection in paint.