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Milescraft Turners Pen Press

Milescraft Turners Pen Press

Product Specs

  • Comfort Grip Handle & Toggle Steel handle with non-slip grip delivers maximum control and up to 300 pounds of pressure Smooth glide toggle delivers precise pressure and precision when assembling components
  • Spring-Loaded Mandrel Spring-loaded receiving pad keeps components aligned, straight and ensures solid fitting pen pieces Pen tip centering hole allows for easy project set-up and assists in even assembly
  • Quick-Flip Stops Six quick-flip stops quickly adjust the press to handle bigger or smaller components and save time adjusting for different projects
  • Durable All-Metal Base With Non-Slip Pads Solid, all-metal construction with a non-slip base keeps the PenPress firmly in place when in use Sturdy base with rubber non-slip pads can be clamped to your workbench to prevent shifting during use
  • Magnetic Storage Drawer Convenient, magnetic storage drawer holds extra press pads, pen parts, and other assembly tools
  • Specifications: Dimensions: 4" W x 3-1/2" H x 14-1/2" L


  • Press pens and other turned projects like a pro. The Milescraft Pen Press gives you the flexibility and convenience to adapt from project to project while assembling precision-pressed products.
  • It’s easy to use design, secures parts in horizontal alignment while pressure is applied.
  • This is the ideal tool for pressing pen blanks and other turned projects together in a quick and simple fashion.
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