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Mega Brush 150 Pc Set

Mega Brush 150 Pc Set

Product Specs

  • 50 foam brushes with wooden handles
  • 50 bristle brushes
  • 50 glue brushes
  • Ddisposable foam brushes are ideal for all water and oil-based stains and finishes and includes: twenty 1", twenty 2" and ten 3" brushes.
  • Twenty-five 1", fifteen 2" and ten 3" bristle brushes are inexpensive enough to throw away when finished, saving time and nasty chemical or water clean-up!
  • The best guarantee for a fail-safe glue joint is to spread the glue evenly over the surface with one of these disposable glue brushes.
  • Twenty-five 5/16" and twenty-five 1/2" wide glue brushes are also great for applying soldering flux and pipe dope
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Be prepared for any painting or gluing task with the D3105 Mega Brush Set. With 50 foam, bristle, and glue brushes, this set has you covered. Ideal for water and oil-based stains, the disposable foam brushes ensure even application. The inexpensive bristle brushes provide easy cleanup. Achieve perfect glue joints with the disposable glue brushes.

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