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Mahoney's Walnut Oil Wax

Mahoney's Walnut Oil Wax

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  • Specially blended walnut oil that penetrates deep into the wood and hardens quickly leaving a rich, durable finish that won't evaporate like mineral oil finishes.
  • Mike Mahoney also uses Utility Finish for "submersion finishing" which includes submersing turned bowls for an extended period of time then letting them drip dry prior to buffing.
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Enhance the natural beauty of your wooden pens and projects with Mahoney's Finishes Walnut Oil Wax. Made with pure, high-quality walnut oil, this wax nourishes and protects your wood while providing a durable, long-lasting finish. Achieve a rich, lustrous shine without harmful chemicals.

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100% high linoleic acid walnut oil, completely natural and food safe. There are no chemical driers. The oil has been heat-treated to make the oil dry faster and to remove any possible allergens. Linoleic acid is a particular acid that is naturally found in walnut oil. It is a stabilizing agent that makes the oil’s shelf life longer than other natural oils. The oil penetrates deeply into the wood and becomes a permanent part of the wood. Recommend one heavy coat. Apply with a brush or paper towel. Let soak in and wipe off any excess.