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Glow in the Dark - Inlay Powder - Bright Neon Colors

Glow in the Dark - Inlay Powder - Bright Neon Colors

Product Specs

  • Glow powder can be charged by any UV light source such as direct sunlight, incandescent light bulbs, UV black lights and laser pens.
  • Glow powder can be mixed with most clear or transparent mediums such as paint, resin epoxy, topcoats, sealers, silicone, etc
  • Each glow color and micron size have different glow times and intensities
  • The further away from Green you are on the color spectrum, the less glow time and intensity you will experience.
  • Available in 10g or 20g jars
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Enhance your crafts with our Glow in the Dark Inlay Powder! Made from high quality materials, this powder is perfect for inlay or casting projects. With its bright neon colors, your creations will glow in the dark and make them truly stand out. Add a unique touch to your next project!

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