Glow Inlay Powder

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Glow Inlay Powder - 1 oz or 1/2 oz bags

Glow powder can be mixed with most clear or transparent mediums such as paint, resin epoxy, topcoats, sealers, silicone, etc. Each glow color and micron size have different glow times and intensities, with Green sitting at the very top. The further away from Green you are on the color spectrum, the less glow time and intensity you will experience. Larger micron sizes mean a bigger and more coarse particle. The bigger the micron size, the more intense the glow. Red and Invisible Orange have the shortest glow time of all photo-luminescent pigments. However, they do react nicely to a black light. Purple can be tricky as well. It requires an ample charge source and time to emit a glow that most will find satisfactory.  Ideally for outdoor use, depending only on sunlight to charge, the  best colors are the Invisible Green, Aqua and Blue (35 microns or larger). Other glow powders and finer micron sizes will not be as visible after it is dark enough to see a glow. 

Glow powder can be charged by any UV light source such as direct sunlight, incandescent light bulbs, UV black lights and laser pens. 

Mixing Ratios:
In general, ratios with over 33% powder will not gain a significantly brighter glow than those below this ratio. It is not always effective enough to justify the expense. Always test several ratios before committing to a large amount. For example, with paints it can be better to apply up to 5 multiple layers instead of a higher concentration pigment. 
20% = 1:5 = 1 ounce powder to 5 fluid ounces clear medium
25% = 1:4 = 1 ounce powder to 4 fluid ounces clear medium
33% = 1:3 = 30 grams powder to 90 milliliters clear medium

You can always add slightly more pigment for a brighter glow, or less for a more transparent daytime appearance. These rations are a great place to start. Mixing is part art, part science! 

*Green shown as example inlay in blank*