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Gear Shift Pen Kit - PSI

Gear Shift Pen Kit - PSI

Product Specs

  • Bushings: Majestic Squire
  • Drill Bit: 3/8"
  • Ink Refill: Parker Style Ballpoint
  • Single purchase gets single pen kit


  • Mechanism design is based off a five-speed H pattern shifter and can be shifted just like the real thing
  • Cap features a car tire with a true to life tread and hubcap
  • Tip features the same tire tread as the cap
  • Shifter handle includes an etched five-speed pattern
  • Industrialized crowbar clip attached to the body with two small screws rounds out the design
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***Mix and Match any Group B Kits for the Quantity Discounts***
For information/instructions please go to our INFO page - Gearshift Instructions

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