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Fordite Knife Scales

Fordite Knife Scales

Product Specs

  • Scales measure approximately 5" x 1.75" x 1cm
  • Some scales have slight waves
  • Single purchase gets 1 set of scales
  • Fordite is a generic term for a material that is made up of layers of paint that build over time. Usually this is a waste product of auto painting but can also be from equipment and machinery painting. Fordite or Detroit Agate as its know is merely layers of paint in random fashions.

Things to Note

  • Fordite can not be used like standard wood or acrylic. It is soft and requires special methods and techniques.
  • Fordite blanks due to the nature of the material and difficulty can not be returned or guaranteed in any way. Flaws can be present and seen or unseen as this is a paint over run product.
  • Pens are often made by sanding them to shape.
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Expertly crafted from rare and unique fordite and motor agate, these one-of-a-kind knife scales are a true gem for any collector or enthusiast. Each piece showcases mesmerizing layers of vibrant colors, making for a truly distinctive and valuable addition to any blade.

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