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Faux Burl Silicone Mold 4"

Faux Burl Silicone Mold 4"

Product Specs

  • Silicone mold of a burl chunk for casting sphere and other types of turning blanks.
  • Cast a faux burl, then recast in a 4" PVC pipe.
  • Designed to work perfectly with Maker Select 4" Mold Plug
  • Casting made with this mold fits 4" PVC Pipe
  • To ensure a good adhesion when recast, do not use mold release
  • Holds approximately 450g of resin
  • single purchase gets single silicone mold
  • *cast is not included with this purchase, it is to demonstrate what your cast could look like.
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Create realistic faux burls with ease using our Faux Burl Silicone Mold. Crafted with high-quality silicone, it's perfect for shaping and molding a variety of materials. Save time and money by achieving professional-looking results at home.

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