Exotic Inlay Materials

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Exotic Inlay Materials - Raw Diamonds, Meteorite, Copper, Gold Flake
  • Uncut Raw Diamonds - 1 carat jar 
  • Copper Strands & Shavings - 1 gram jar
  • Gold Flake - 1 vial, shown with an example of a blank poured in clear resin, blank not included with this purchase
  • Round Cut CZ - White - 1.5mm - 100 pieces
  • Canyon Diablo Meteorite - 1 gram jar

Meteorite Type: Iron
Classification: IAB-MG
Location: Coconino County Arizona
Discovered: 1891

The Canyon Diablo iron meteorites arrived 49,000 years ago when an asteroid plunged into north central Arizona, forming Meteor Crater.
Thousands of meteorite fragments of the asteroid were scattered over the area by the explosion. Made of nickel-iron with inclusions of graphite and other minerals.