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Inlay Materials

Inlay Materials

Product Specs

  • Available Options:
  • Uncut Raw Diamonds - 1 carat
  • Copper Strands & Shavings - 1 gram bag
  • Gold Flake - 1 vial, shown with an example of a blank poured in clear resin, blank not included with this purchase
  • Round Cut CZ - White - 1.5mm/1.4mm - 100 pieces
  • Round Cut CZ - multiple colors available - 1.25mm - approximately 1.55 carats combined
  • Fossilized Dinosaur Bone Bits - 5 gram
  • Meteorite Nuggets - 2 G
  • Meteorite shavings - 1 gram
  • Fossilized Shark Teeth - 3 per
  • "Mermaid Stones" - 5 gram bag - stones vary in size .5mm-1cm
  • *items may appear larger in images, zoomed in to show you the detail of the product. These are actual images of the products to show variety. Sizes, shapes and colors will vary.
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Discover a world of creativity with our Inlay Materials. These unique materials are perfect for crafting one-of-a-kind rings or bowls. Embrace your artistic side and add a touch of individuality to your creations. 

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Ring Making

One of the hottest new trends is ring making. Here at Turners Warehouse we are all well versed in ring making & are happy to assist!
We have you covered from Tool to Ring Cores to UV Resin to inlay materials and more!
New to rings? Try a class here in Gilbert, Arizona or check out one of our videos on YouTube @TurnersTV

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