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Craft Coat - Waterborne Exotic Wood Finish

Craft Coat - Waterborne Exotic Wood Finish

Product Specs

  • Craft Coat is a waterborne linseed oil modified wood finish that self-crosslinks when exposed to oxygen to develop an extremely durable film that exhibits outstanding scratch, mar, water, and chemical resistance.
  • It has the depth and gloss of an oil modified urethane (O.M.U.) and is formulated to ensure maximum protection on any type of wood, especially hart-to-coat dense and oily exotic hardwoods.
  • It exhibits excellent adhesion on all types of wood including exotic and naturally oily woods that typically require preparation before coating.
  • Craft Coat does not have a solvent base so it dries very quickly and is sandable in 1-1/2 to 2 hours.
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Craft Coat's Waterborne Exotic Wood Finish provides a professional and long-lasting touch to any woodworking project. Made for exotic wood, this finish adds a luxurious and unique look to your projects. 

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