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Cactus Juice Juice Proof Stabilizing Vacuum Chamber

Cactus Juice Juice Proof Stabilizing Vacuum Chamber

Product Specs

  • Includes:
  • JuiceProof Stabilizing Chamber
  • 16 Page, full color instruction manual & stabilizing handbook
  • PVC Lid with Vacuum Gauge and Vacuum Breaker
  • Machined base with mounting tabs
  • Rubber vacuum gasket
  • Clear vacuum hose with 1/4" NPT fittings on each end (72" x 3/16" ID)


  • Proudly made in Texas, this professional stabilizing system is purpose-built with the utmost attention paid to detail and quality.
  • Virtually maintenance free, you don’t need to wash out the chamber after every use and you can let the material soak as long as you want.
  • Hand-made and individually tested to 99% vacuum, with no limit to the size of vacuum pump you can use
  • Made of heavy-duty schedule 40 PVC
  • Transparent cylinder for clear view of the action and better monitoring during the process
  • Impervious to Cactus Juice - soak as long as you want
  • Machined base with mounting tabs
  • Pressure lock anti-float plate
  • Made in the USA
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Experience unparalleled stability and quality with Cactus Juice Juice Proof Stabilizing Vacuum Chamber. Made in Texas with meticulous attention to detail, this professional system guarantees superior results. 

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Cactus Juice & Stabilizing

Stabilizing wood allows you to use otherwise unusable wood. Curtis the maker of Cactus Juice and leader in the industry for stabilizing chambers: "Otherwise commonly referred to as hybrid blanks, is the technique of casting wood and resin combinations to form a unique, hybrid blank. This technique was originally created by me in 2006 and shared with the woodturning community through an article I wrote entitled "Worthless Wood - Salvaging Otherwise Worthless Wood with Pressure Casting". This technique has been used by thousands of craftspeople around the world since that original article."