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Alumilite Amazing Mold Maker

Alumilite Amazing Mold Maker

Product Specs

  • 1:1 mix ratio and low viscosity makes for easy mixing
  • 16 fl.oz. - 8 fl.oz A side / 8 fl.oz. B side
  • 64 fl.oz. - 32 fl.oz A side / 32 fl.oz B side
  • 1 gal - .5 gal A side / .5 gal B side
  • Flexible for demolding more intricate pieces
  • Good tear strength means great durability and mold life
  • FDA Compliant for use with food applications
  • Demolds in as soon as 30 minutes*
  • Full cure in 24 hours*
  • **Demold and cure times may vary

  • Easy-to-use platinum-based silicone mold-making material that demolds in 30 minutes and picks up intricate details.
  • Ideal for highly-detailed, fast-curing molds and is FDA compliant!
  • Ideal for making custom molds for casting with epoxy, resin, concrete, candles, soaps, chocolate, and more!
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Resin Casting

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