Dragon Scale Knife Scales

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Knife Scales Blank - Dragon Scales Color-shift  - Polymer Clay with Pigments by Jennifer Earley

Is that a reptile, Mermaid, or Dragon skin design? Its up to your creativity!
These scales are sculpted in polymer clay and detailed with super color-shifting pigments then cast in Alumilite resin.
Turn them at different angles to catch a new color in the light. Below are brief descriptions for each color.
Atlantis - Shifts Blue/Green/Gold
Viper - Shifts Aqua/Copper/Gold/Green/Purple
Hydra - Shifts Blue/Purple/Red
Equinox - Shifts Green/Teal/Blue/Purple/Pink/Gold
Candid - Shifts Pink/Gold/Orange
Lush - Shifts Purple/Pink/Gold/Green
Royalty - Shifts Blue/Purple/Orange/Gold
Firestorm - Shifts Red/Orange/Gold/Green
Zoom - Shifts gold/green/orange/pink/yellow
Specter - Shifts all colors of the holographic rainbow

*** Important Notes***

• Surface imperfections on any blank will be removed in the finishing process, each knife scale has been carefully inspected
• Sanding the polymer clay sheet on the bottom may be needed 

measuring approximately 5.5" x 1.75", each half is approximately 1 cm in width